D 99156

Synopsis & Script — David Gerstein

Editor — Byron Erickson

June 1999


Mickey Mouse              HISTORY RE-PETES ITSELF              12 pages


Page 1


Pic 1-4                                    

Color                                        dusk, nearly full moon; slight glow from distant lightning

Mickey 1:                                Doggone! This invitation’s darn troubling somehow!

Sound (lightning):              RUMBLE!

Mickey 2:                                A birthday’s a big day! You’re s’posed to want everyone to know it! An’ yet…

Sign:                                         GROG SHOP


Pic 5                                        

Note                                         Letterer, please note — the lettering on the invitation is typed (not handwritten)

Text:                                         Dear Mr. Mouse, you are invited to a birthday party in UTMOST SECRECY. Your presence is all; your being essential. Do not RSVP. Just be at Ninepin Gardens at 7:30 PM. I will see you — I know


Pic 6                                        

Sound (off):                            RUMBLE!

Mickey:                                   Half of me wants to turn back! But I’m too curious! Something strange draws me on… transfixing and… interesting


Pic 7                                        

Sound:                                     GLOM!


Pic 8                                        

Pete 1:                                      Transfixin’! Interestin’! Ray-gun-stealin’… dat’s me!

Pete 2:                                      I’m also good at lyin’ — ‘specially when I write invites! My birthday’s really two weeks away!

Mickey:                                   Pete!!!

Sound (gun):                         JINGLE!

Page 2


Pic 1

Mickey:                                   P-Pete! What is this…

Pete:                                         Revenge, rat! Fer all thuh times ya’ve jailed me!

Sign (poster):                         ALTACRAZ 1935

Sound (gun):                         JINGLE!


Pic 2                                        

Pete 1:                                      I heard dis scientist in a bar sobbin’ ‘bout his Temporary Youth Ray! It makes y’ younger, an’ over two weeks ya grow back ta normal!

Pete 2:                                      Problem is, the ray’s too strong! Ya start th’ two weeks as a baby!

Sound (gun):                         JINGLE!


Pic 3                                        

Pete 1:                                      I say great! Imagine you bein’ a baby, runt! An’ me usin’ them weeks ta bring you up crooked!

Pete 2:                                      On my birthday, yuh’ll be my partner in crime!


Pic 4                                        

Mickey:                                   Pete, the cops’ll make you cry for this!

Sound (trigger):                    CLIK


Pic 5                                        

Color                                        bright yellow ray blast

Sound (ray):                           SKUTTTCH!

Pete:                                         It’s my party! An’ I only gotta cry when I want to!


Pic 6                                        

Color                                        bright yellow ray blast ricochets off mirror and hits Pete

Pete:                                         !!!

Mickey:                                   ?

Sound:                                     ZONK!

Page 2 cont.


Pic 7

Sound (Pete):                         WAAA-AAAAH!

Mickey:                                   >Whew!< After that close shave, I oughtta turn Pete in and be rid of him…


Pic 8                                        

Mickey:                                   …but I’m just too fascinated by that plan of his! What if I carried it out — and brought Pete up as an honest man?

Page 3


Pic 1-2                                    

Box:                                          So —

Minnie:                                   He’s going to grow into… Pete?

Mickey:                                   In two weeks, Minnie! But he won’t be a crook this time — if we all teach him better stuff to do with his life!


Pic 3                                        

Horace:                                   Keen! I’ll teach him everything about sports, Mickey!

Goofy:                                      I’ve been learnin’ cookery, Mick! I kin teach him whut I know!


Pic 4                                        

Clarabelle:                              I can teach him to drive! My land, when I think of all the unsafe drivers in…

Minnie:                                   Mickey!


Pic 5                                        

Minnie:                                   I don’t know... something tells me this whole project is unsafe!

Mickey:                                   Don’t worry, Minnie! It won’t be — if you help me with Pete’s educational knowledge!


Pic 6                                        

Mickey:                                   You know, teaching him stuff he’d normally get at school! If we cover all the bases, things can’t get out of control!


Pic 7-8                                    

Color                                        bright, psychedelic paint mess on the walls

Mickey:                                   >Gulp!< Or can they?

Page 4


Pic 1                                        

Box:                                          Comes the dawn, and with it new hope —

Mickey 1:                                The two-week growth process has begun, Pete! You’re now about four years old!

Mickey 2:                                Just the age to appreciate the playroom I fixed up — and my old tricycle!


Pic 2                                        

Pete:                                         Tr… tricycle… M-Mickey?

Mickey:                                   Gee, you can talk now! That’s great!


Pic 3                                        

Mickey:                                   But your biking’s not great! I mean, it’s too fast!

Sound:                                     BUMP!

Sound:                                     THUMP!


Pic 4                                        

Mickey (off):                           Slow down!!!


Pic 5

Sound (tricycle):                   SCREECH!

Sound (Pete taking lollipop):              SNATCH!

Peggy:                                      >WAAAH!<


Pic 6                                        

Mickey:                                   Sorry, Patricia! Pete just didn’t know it was wrong!

Patricia:                                  “Pete”? You mean...


Pic 7                                        

Mickey:                                   Yeah! He’s been turned into a kid, but he’s—

Patricia:                                  EE-EEEK!


Pic 8                                        

Mickey:                                   I don’t know why she did that — really!

Mickey 2:                                Gosh, Pete… just to look at ya… who could have anything bad to say?

Pete:                                         ---

Page 5


Pic 1                                        

Mickey:                                   Anyway, here’s Minnie — your teacher! At least we know she’s on our side!

Sound:                                     PAT PAT


Pic 2                                        

Minnie 1:                                Look! Math, history, spelling...

Minnie 2:                                I’m afraid there’s a reason school usually takes years!

Mickey:                                   >Ulp!<

Pete:                                         ?

Title (book):                            LATIN

Title (book):                            ENGLISH

Title (book):                            HISTORY


Pic 3-4                                    

Box:                                          Nevertheless —

Minnie:                                   >Sigh!< I’ll just try to teach you as quickly as I can! Two apples minus one apple...

Pete:                                         You mean — you’ll take one away, Minnie?

Mickey:                                   Yeah! But not for good, Pete! It’s just an example!


Pic 5                                        

Pete:                                         No one takes my apples!

Minnie:                                   >Aargh!< Why’d I use apples as an example?


Pic 6                                        

Minnie:                                   Forget math — time for handwriting! Follow me, and…

Pete:                                         >BWAAAH!<

Sound:                                     RRRIIIP!


Pic 7                                        

Pete:                                         >WAAH!<

Minnie:                                   Mickey, he’s trying my patience!

Page 5 cont.


Pic 8                                        

Mickey:                                   Aw, look, Minnie! Take a break for a minute, if ya hafta—

Minnie:                                   I will! I’m still not convinced reforming Pete is a workable plan, Mickey!


Pic 9                                        

Pete:                                         ---

Mickey:                                   Aw, Pete! I can’t be mad at you! We’ll learn this stuff, won’t we?

Page 6


Pic 1                                        

Box:                                          The next day —

Mickey:                                   You look about ten today, Pete! Just the age to start learning some games!

Sign:                                         BAKERY

Sound:                                     BOUNCE BOUNCE

Horace:                                   First, just try to kick the ball, Pete — then I’ll show you the real Horsecollar technique!


Pic 2                                        

Sound:                                     ROLL!


Pic 3                                        

Horace:                                   Sufferin’ hoptoads!

Horace 2:                                !

Sign:                                         offset

Sound (ball):                          SWAT!

Sound (window, big):              CRASH!


Pic 4                                        

Baker:                                      You served that up to the kid, Horsecollar! So you pay up!

Horace:                                   >Sigh!< Why did I choose to teach soccer?


Pic 5                                        

Horace:                                   Pete would do better to learn practical jokes, to use on guys like that baker...

Mickey:                                   Forget it, Horace!


Pic 6                                        

Pete:                                         Jokes? Like this one from TV?

Sound:                                     SPLAT!


Pic 7                                        

Horace 1:                                >Splut!< So!

Horace 2:                                It’s a bad influence if I joke, but Pete can—

Mickey:                                   Sorry, Horace! He didn’t mean to — and look! He’s got soccer down, now!

Page 6 cont.


Pic 8                                        

Mickey:                                   You’re gaining skills, Pete! I just wish you didn’t drive everybody crazy!

Pete:                                         ---

Page 7


Pic 1                                        

Color                                        red pepper from Pete’s jar

Box:                                          Another day, another teacher —

Goofy:                                      Yuh add a pinch o’ coriander an’ plenty o’ red pepper — this here’s spicy stuff!

Pete:                                         If you say so!

Sign:                                         CHILI CON CARNE

Sound (pepper):                   PLOP!


Pic 2                                        

Goofy:                                      Now ta taste it…

Sound (Goofy):                     WAAOH!


Pic 3                                        

Goofy:                                      >Gurgle!< I said spicy, but I didn’t mean…

Mickey:                                   But Goofy, Pete only did what ya asked for!


Pic 4                                        

Mickey:                                   Poor guy! Nobody understands you’re trying to help!


Pic 5                                        

Color                                        orange plastic cones

Box:                                          The days roll by —

Clarabelle:                              We’ll pretend the cones are pedestrians, right? It’s an obstacle course — make sure not to hit one!


Pic 6                                        

Sound (cone):                        SQUASH!

Pete:                                         ---


Pic 7

Clarabelle:                              >SCREECH!< You ran over a “child”!

Pete:                                         I ran over a cone! I just wanted to see how you’d react!


Pic 8                                        

Clarabelle:                              Bosh! The very idea!

Mickey:                                   Funny... I sorta wondered how she’d react, myself!

Page 8


Pic 1

Box:                                          Until, as two weeks draw to a close —

Mickey:                                   Listen, guys! Pete’s kept growing since the lessons we gave him — and he’s growing up right this time!


Pic 2                                        

Mickey (whispers):              I mean, it’s like I’m his big brother now! And you can’t go wrong with a big brother to help!

Title (book):                            ROUSSEAU

Title (book):                            PROOST


Pic 3                                        

Mickey:                                   And now Pete’s birthday is coming up! I’m thinking we should all go camping to celebrate it and his new self! We—

Minnie:                                   No, Mickey!


Pic 4                                        

Mickey:                                   >Huh?< Whaddaya mean…

Minnie:                                   Mickey, no! Maybe you’ve reformed Pete, but he’s still a jinx around us!


Pic 5                                        

Clarabelle 1:                          Whether he’s six or sixteen…

Goofy:                                      Or eighty-nine!

Clarabelle 2:                          Or eigh— I mean, think of the horrible things he’s done!


Pic 6                                        

Mickey:                                   B-but that was... as his old self...

Minnie:                                   We’re sorry, Mickey, but we just don’t trust him! And we’re afraid to hang around you as long as he’s with you!


Pic 7                                        

Pete:                                         Mickey, why didn’t the gang wanna be with us?

Mickey:                                   Never mind! They’ll come around! I’m sure they...

Sign (bottle):                          MINERAL WATER

Sign (can):                              TUNA

Sign (can):                              BEEF

Page 8 cont.


Pic 8                                        

Mickey:                                   >Hmpf!< If they don’t need us, we don’t need them!

Pete:                                         Yeah, what’s the big deal anyway?

Page 9


Pic 1

Box:                                          Shortly —

Mickey:                                   We’re gonna go rowing on Wild River, pal — by ourselves! Maybe we’ll set a new speed record!


Pic 2

Mickey:                                   Heck, you're strong enough to set a record alone!


Pic 3                                        

Mickey:                                   We’ll be immortalized — right on your birthday! So let’s row faster than anybody’s ever rowed!


Pic 4                                        

Mickey:                                   I don’t know what’s around the riverbend! But we’ll only see it if we go... and go and—


Pic 5-6                                    

Mickey:                                   OMIGOSH!

Pete:                                         Mickey!

Sound (canoe):                      CRACK!



Pic 7                                        

Mickey:                                   Whoa! That was close! Be a good guy and pull me up, huh, Pete?


Pic 8                                        

Pete:                                         If I wuz a good guy — I might!

Mickey:                                   Aw, Pete! Don’t joke about...


Pic 9                                        

[no dialogue]

Page 10


Pic 1                                        

Mickey:                                   If y-you were a good guy?!?

Pete:                                         I got news for ya, punkin — I ain’t good! Never have been, never will be!


Pic 2                                        

Mickey:                                   Oh, for—!!!

Pete:                                         Thought yuh could re-train me from scratch, just ‘cuz I wuz a baby? Dat’s whut I’d assumed about you!


Pic 3-4                                    

Pete 1:                                      But while th’ youth ray makes yuh look young, it ain’t amnesia! Yer mind stays adult, an’ remembers everything!

Pete 2:                                      I realized it th’ second I got zapped, but hey — yuh thought yuh was bringin’ me up honest! Why spoil yer fun?

Mickey                                    [swearing symbols]


Pic 5                                        

Pete:                                         >Heh-heh!< I’ve been real patient, just waitin’ for a chance to have my fun! And with yer friends gone...


Pic 6                                        

Pete:                                         ...I gotcha! You’ll dangle till that old rotten branch breaks, but I’m jest gonna stand here!


Pic 7

Mickey:                                   ---


Pic 8                                        

Color                                        bright yellow light from off

Pete:                                         And shut my eyes, waitin’ fer my birthday wish ta come true!


Pic 9                                        

Sound (punch):                    BLAM!

Pete:                                         >WHUF!< WOT THUH BLUE BLAZES?!

Page 11


Pic 1                                        

Mickey:                                   I forgot to return the Youth Ray to the scientist you stole it from, Pete! Good thing I brought it along...

Pete:                                         >Gasp!<


Pic 2                                        

Mickey 1:                                ...just in case! It made the branch younger and stronger, so I could catapult up to you on it!

Mickey 2:                                Now it’s gonna make you a baby — again! Nice an’ easy to capture!


Pic 3                                        

Pete:                                         In your dreams, brudder!

Sound:                                     SMACK!


Pic 4                                        

Mickey:                                   !!!


Pic 5                                        

Pete:                                         I’m gonna #%!* enjoy my special day, if I hafta tear you ta pieces!

Mickey:                                   >Oof!< Leggo, you crazy — >Ow!<


Pic 6                                        

Pete:                                         If only dis moment o’ triumph could go on forever! But all good things gotta end...


Pic 7-8                                    

Horace:                                   Even birthdays, you big tub o’ lard!

Sound (rolling pin): CLONK!

Clarabelle:                              The very idea, hurting people like that!

Minnie:                                   MICKEY!!

Mickey:                                   ???

Page 12


Pic 1                                        

Minnie:                                   We decided to go camping after all — to give Pete one more chance! We were scared, but we couldn’t just desert you!

Pete:                                         >Gleep!<

Goofy:                                      So we drove out ta surprise yuh when yuh came ’round thuh river...


Pic 2                                        

Horace:                                   But I think we all got a few surprises! Didn’t we?

Mickey:                                   I know I did! But I’m too tired to speak for anybody else!


Pic 3                                        

Color                                        evening

Box:                                          The wheels of justice turn, the birthday boy goes to the pen, and everything drifts into the past! Well, sort of —

Mickey:                                   I dunno! Would I have felt the same fondness for the big lug forever?

Goofy:                                      Yuh mean Pete?


Pic 4                                        

Mickey:                                   Yeah! If I’d never known the truth, would I have kept on liking him, and— ?

Goofy:                                      Gawrsh! You jest stop thinkin’ about it! Yuh know who yer friends are!


Pic 5                                        

1st Voice:                                An’ I knows who muh enemy is! As always!

2nd Voice:                              Talking to yourself again, Pete?

Sign:              LEAVENWORST PRISON


Pic 6                                        

Pete:                                         Quiet, ya mugs! I’m tryin’ ta make sure I’m right about somethin’! An’ it’s givin’ me a migraine!

Page 12 cont.


Pic 7-8                                    

Pete 1:                                      I hafta hate him, ‘cause if I didn’t, I might like him! #%&!* An’ I don’t wanna like him!

Pete 2:                                      One day — one day I will get even!

Sound (Hawkes):              Z-Z

Sound (Shyster):              Z

Lettering on cake:              HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETE!

End tag:                                  THE END



  the end