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museumguide100.JPG (5104 byte)It's available the International Cartoon Museum Guide, published by the CNBDI (www.cnbdi.fr) and directed by Thierry Groensteen. You can order it at the CNBDI.

Thanks to the Institutions which met in Angoulême from 20 to 22 novembre 1998 at the First International Convention of Cartoon and Comics Museums (click to see the photos), a project may start to unite them all in a bigger Institution to promote the understanding and appreciation of cartoon art.
All news, received from these Institutions, are published on afNEWS (www.fumetti.org/afnews - afnews@fumetti.org), daily news about the comics-world.
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The Institution which partecipated to the Convention are (in alphabetical order of location):

Location Institution e-mail url
Angoulême, France Musèe de la Bande Dessinée - Centre National de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Illustration museebd@cnbdi.fr
Basel, Switzerland Karikatur und Cartoon Museum cartoonmuseumbasel@cmsbas.ch
Boca Raton, Florida, USA International Museum of Cartoon Art administration@cartoon.org
Bruxelles, Belgique Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée charles.dierick@ping.be
Canterbury, GB Centre for the Study of Cartoons an Caricature J.M.Newton@ukc.ac.uk
Columbus, Ohio, USA Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library cartoons@osu.edu
Groningen, Nederland Het Nederlands Stripmuseum    
Hannover, Deutschland Wilhelm Busch Museum verwaltung@w-busch-museum.h.shuttle.de
Lisboa, Portugal Bedeteca de Lisboa imaan@esoterica.pt
London, GB National Museum of Cartoon Art - Cartoon Art Trust skp@escape.u-net.com

Torino, Italia Centro Nazionale del Fumetto
(Italian national centre for comic art and cartoonists society)

other Institutions

Location Institution e-mail url
Muggiò, Italia Museo del Fumetto Franco Fossati
(Musée de la BD - Comic Art Museum)
foxyfond@tin.it  una delle bozze preparatorie del Criceto, mascotte e nuovo logo del Museo, disegnato da Vittorio Pavesio nel 2002 da un'idea di Silvia Guglielmotto - works in progress
San Francisco, California, USA Cartoon Art Museum funnies@sirius.com www.cartoonart.org
Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand Cartoon Archive   www.natlib.govt.nz/public/ virtual_tour/photos.html ?
Northampton, MA, USA Words & Pictures Museum of Fine Sequantial Art comics@wordsandpictures.org www.wordsandpictures.org
Recklinghausen, Deutschland Comic Museum   www.comic-museum.de ?
Omiya-shi Saitama-ken, Japan Municipal Cartoon Art Museum   www.city.omiya.saitama.jp ?
Takarazuka-city, Hyogo-ken, Japan Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum   http://web.pref.hyogo.jp/kankou/ travel/e1/12/travel12a.html ?

The rich list of Museums by the Words & Picture Museum: click here!