1999 Eisner Nominees at the San Diego Comics Convention:
Best Short Story:
"Devil's Advocate," by Matt Wagner and Tim Sale, Grendel: Black, White and Red #1 (Dark Horse) ."Electric China Death," by Richard Bruning and Mark Chiarello, Gangland #4, (Vertigo/DC) "The Illustrative Man," by Batton Lash, Julius Priete, and Treehouse of Horror #4 (Bongo) "Invincible Man and Nifty Boy," by Bob Burden, Flaming Carrot's Greatest Hits, vol. 3 (Dark Horse) "Whhyyyyyy? (Oh, God, Why?)" by Rich Koslowski, The 3 Geeks #4 (3 Finger Press)
Best Single Issue:
The Clowns (I Pagliacci) by P. Craig Russell and Galen Showman, trans.Marc Andreyko (Dark Horse) Empty Love Stories, by Steve Darnall and various artists (Funny Valentine).From Hell: Dance of the Gull Catchers, by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell (Kitchen Sink) Hitman #34: "Of Thee I Sing," by Garth Ennis, John McCrea, and Garry Leach (DC) Kane #22: "Fwankie's Big Night Out," by Paul Grist (Dancing Elephant)
Best Serialized Story:
Oni Double Feature #9-10: "Road Trip," by Judd Winick (Oni Press).Sandman Mystery Theatre #69-70: "The Hero," by Steven Seagle and Guy Davis (Vertigo/DC) .StormWatch #7-9: "Bleed," by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, and Paul Neary (WildStorm/Image) Transmetropolitan #10-12: "Freeze Me with Your Kiss," by Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson, and Rodney Ramos (Vertigo/DC) Usagi Yojimbo #13-22: "Grasscutter," by Stan Sakai (Dark Horse)
Best Continuing Series:
Avengers, by Kurt Busiek, George Perez, and Al Vey (Marvel) Kurt Busiek's Astro City, by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, and Will
Blyberg (Homage/WildStorm/Image) Preacher, by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (Vertigo/DC).Sandman Mystery Theatre, by Steven Seagle and Guy Davis (Vertigo/DC) Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson, and Rodney Ramos(Vertigo/DC)
Best Limited Series:
Grendel: Black, White & Red, by Matt Wagner and various artists (Dark Horse) Justice League of America: The Nail, by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer (DC) Superman for All Seasons, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (DC) 300, by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley (Dark Horse) Whiteout, by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber (Oni Press)
>Best New Series:
Age of Bronze, by Eric Shanower (Image) Colonia, by Jeff Nicholson (Colonia Press) Inhumans, by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee (Marvel) Lenore, by Roman Dirge (Slave Labor) Young Justice, by Peter David, Todd Nauck, and Lary Stucker (DC)
Best Title for a Younger Audience:
Akiko, by Mark Crilley (Sirius) Batman: The Gotham Adventures, by Ty Templeton, Rick Burchett, and Terry Beatty (DC) Colonia, by Jeff Nicholson (Colonia Press) Simpsons Comics, by various (Bongo) Young Justice, by Peter David, Todd Nauck, and Lary Stucker (DC)
>Best Humor Publication:
Empty Love Stories, by Steve Darnall and various artists (Funny Valentine) Lenore, by Roman Dirge (Slave Labor) Sergio AragonÚs Groo, by Sergio AragonÚs and Mark Evanier (Dark Horse) Simpsons Comics, by various (Bongo) The 3 Geeks, by Rick Koslowski (3 Finger Press)
>Best Anthology:
Big Book of Bad, by Jonathan Vankin, Paul Kirchner, Steve Vance, and Anina Bennett, ed. by Andrew Helfer (Paradox Press/DC) Grendel: Black, White & Red, by Matt Wagner, ed. by Diana Schutz (Dark Horse) Negative Burn #50, ed. by Joe Pruett (Caliber) Oni Double Feature, ed. by Bob Schreck (Oni Press) Trilogy Tour II Book, by Jeff Smith, Mark Crilley, Linda Medley, Stan Sakai, Jill Thompson, and Charles Vess (Cartoon Books)
Best Graphic Album--New:
The Amazing "True" Story of a Teenage Single Mom, by Katherine Arnoldi (Hyperion) Family Matter, by Will Eisner (Kitchen Sink) My War with Brian, by Ted Rall (NBM) Superman: Peace on Earth, by Paul Dini and Alex Ross (DC) You Are Here, by Kyle Baker (Vertigo/DC)
>Best Graphic Album-Reprint:
Batman: The Long Halloween, by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (DC) Cages, by Dave McKean (Kitchen Sink) Caricature, by Dan Clowes (Fantagraphics) Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others, by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse) Booze, Broads and Bullets, by Frank Miller (Dark Horse)
Best Archival Collection/Project:
The Compleat Sally Forth, by Wally Wood (Fantagraphics) Flaming Carrot's Greatest Hits, vol. 3, by Bob Burden (Dark Horse) Giant Superman Annual #1, by various (DC) Plastic Man Archives, vol. 1, by Jack Cole (DC) Superman: The Dailies, by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (DC/Kitchen Sink)
Best U.S. Edition of Foreign Material:
Blade of the Immortal, by Hiroaki Samura (Dark Horse) Intron Depot 2-Blades, by Masamune Shirow (Dark Horse/Studio Proteus)
> .A Jew in Communist Prague, vol. 3: "Rebellion," by Vittorio Giardino
> <Picture>
> .Star Wars: A New Hope-Manga, by Hisao Tamaki (Dark Horse) <Picture>
> .Strain, vol. 1, by Buronson and Ryoichi Ikegami (Viz) <Picture>
> Best Writer:
> .Kurt Busiek, Kurt Busiek's Astro City (Homage/WildStorm/Image); <Picture>
> <Picture> Avengers (Marvel) <Picture>
> .Jeph Loeb, Superman for All Seasons (DC) <Picture>
> .Greg Rucka, Whiteout (Oni Press) <Picture>
> .Steven Seagle, "Drive By," Oni Double Feature #10 (Oni Press);
> <Picture>Sandman Mystery Theatre (Vertigo/DC) <Picture> <Picture>
> .Matt Wagner, Grendel: Black, White & Red (Dark Horse) <Picture>
> Best Writer/Artist:
> .Alan Davis, Justice League of America: The Nail (DC) <Picture>
> .Will Eisner, Family Matter (Kitchen Sink) <Picture>
> .David Lapham, Stray Bullets (El Capitan)
> .Frank Miller, 300 (Dark Horse) <Picture>
> .Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojmbo (Dark Horse) <Picture>
> Best Writer/Artist--Humor:
> .Kyle Baker, You Are Here (Vertigo/DC) <Picture> <Picture>
> .Roman Dirge, Lenore (Slave Labor) <Picture>
> .Evan Dorkin, Dork (Slave Labor) Rich Koslowski, The 3 Geeks (3 Finger Press) Batton Lash, Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre; Mavis (Exhibit A
> Press)
Best Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team:
Claudio Castellini, "Predator: Demon's Gold," Dark Horse Presents #137 (Dark Horse) .Gene Ha, Starman #46 (DC) Steve Leiber, Whiteout (Oni Press) George Perez/Al Vey, Avengers (Marvel) Tim Sale, Superman for All Seasons (DC); <Picture>Grendel Black, White &
> Red #1 (Dark Horse)
Best Painter (interior art):
Kyle Baker, You Are Here (Vertigo/DC) Dan Brereton, Thrillkiller '62 (DC) David Mack, Kabuki (Image) Alex Ross, Superman: Peace on Earth (DC)
Best Coloring:
Bjarne Hansen, Superman for All Seasons (DC) Dave Kemp, Inhumans (Marvel) Liquid! (Christian Lichtner and Aron Lusen), Battle Chasers
> (Cliffhanger/WildStorm/Image) Jonathan D. Smith, Fathom (Top Cow/Image) <Picture> <Picture>
> .Lynn Varley, 300 (Dark Horse)
Best Lettering:
Todd Klein, Castle Waiting (Olio); House of Secrets; The
> Invisibles; The Dreaming, etc. (Vertigo/DC) Sean Konot, Grendel: Black, White & Red; Star Wars: Crimson Empire (Dark
> Horse); <Picture> Nobody (Oni Press) Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo; Sergio AragonÚs' Groo; Sergio AragonÚs'
> Boogeyman; Sergio AragonÚs' Dia de los Muertos (Dark Horse) Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library (Fantagraphics) Bill Yoshida, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, etc. (Archie Comics)
Best Cover Artist:
Brian Bolland, The Invisibles (Vertigo/DC) Glenn Fabry, Preacher; Hellblazer (Vertigo/DC); vs. Predator: Eternal (Dark Horse) Dave McKean, The Dreaming (Vertigo/DC) Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, 300 (Dark Horse) Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti, Daredevil (Marvel);Painkiller
> Jane/DarkChylde; Painkiller Jane/Hellboy (Event)
Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition:
Brian Michael Bendis, writer/artist (Jinx, Goldfish, Torso)
> .Steve Conley, writer/artist (Astounding Space Thrills)
> .Nat Gertler, writer (The Factor) Lea Hernandez, writer artist (Cathedral Child) Scott Morse, writer/artist (Soulwind, The Visitation, etc.)
Best Comics-Related Periodical:
Comic Book Artist (TwoMorrows)Comic Book Marketplace (Gemstone)The Comics Journal (Fantagraphics)The Jack Kirby Collector (TwoMorrows) Wizard (Wizard Press)
Best Comics-Related Book:
Batman: Animated, by Paul Dini and Chip Kidd (HarperCollins) Comics: Between the Panels by Steve Duin and Mike Richardson (Dark Horse) Intron Depot 2-Blades, by Masamune Shirow (Dark Horse) Malicious Resplendence: The Paintings of Robert Williams, text by C. R. Stecyk (Fantagraphics) Superman: The Complete History, by Les Daniels (Chronicle Books)<
Best Comics-Related Product/Item:
Fabulous Furry Freak Bros. Munchie bars and box (Kitchen Sink) Phoney Bone Inflatable (Cartoon Books) Sandman Pocketwatch, designed by Kris Ruotolo (Vertigo/DC)Supreme limited-edition lithograph, by Alex Ross (Awesome/Dynamic Forces) 300 limited-edition lithograph by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley (Dark Horse)
Best Comics-Related Sculpted Figures:
Big Blast Premiere Series action figures: Mage, Madman, Grendel: Hunter Rose, produced by Graphitti Designs.Ghost action figure, sculpted by Steve Kiwus, produced by Dark Horse Hellboy statue, sculpted by Randy Bowen, produced by Bowen Designs .Mage statue, sculpted by Randy Bowen, produced by Bowen Design.Spawn action figures (McFarlane Toys) Spy vs. Spy action figures, designed by George Brewer, based on the characters by Antonio Prohias (MAD Magazine/DC)
Best Publication Design:
Batman Animated, designed by Chip Kidd (HarperCollins) Cages deluxe signed and numbered slipcased hardcover edition with CD, designed by Dave McKean (Kitchen Sink) Comics: Between the Panels, designed by Tom Gould (Dark Horse) Superman: The Dailies, designed by Chris Shadoian, art direction by Evan Metcalf, cover color design by Pete Poplaski (DC/Kitchen Sink) Superman: The Complete History, designed by Chip Kidd (Chronicle Books)
Hall of Fame The following judges' choices will automatically be inducted into the Hall of Fame: Jack Cole, L. B. Cole, Bill Finger, Gardner Fox, Mac Raboy, Alex Schomburg. Voters will choose four additional members from the following nominees: Murphy Anderson, Matt Baker, Reed Crandall, Dan De Carlo, Bill Everett, Al Feldstein, Carmine Infantino, Sheldon Mayer, Jerry Robinson, Joe Simon, art spiegelman, Dick Sprang, Al Williamson