Table Of Contents




Just Look At The Pictures!

In Search of the Roots of Illustrated Newspaper Supplements by Alfredo Castelli, 8

The Golden Years Of "Puck"

Heroes For Sale: The Odd Alliance Between Comic Strips and Advertising in Hearst’s Newspapers by Alfredo Castelli, 14


The Middle-Class Tradition

A Family Friend

The Rise and Fall of "Corriere Dei Piccoli": One Hundred Years of Great Funnies by Cristiano Zacchino, 20

A Century Of Comic Strips

History and Glory of Corrierino:

A Century of Italian Life in the Comic Strips of Italy’s Most Beloved Children’s Weekly

by Leonardo Gori, 22

The Metamorphoses of a Magazine

The Modern Age: How Success Spoiled Corrierino

by Marco Candellone, 52

Bubi in Slumberland

From Alphonse and Gaston to Uncle Mun: The Italianization of American Characters.

by Alfredo Castelli, 70


Family Values

Good Reading

From Il Vittorioso to Il Giornalino: A History of Catholic Comic Strips

by Bruno Enna, 80

Seduction of the Innocent

Censorship and Self-Censorship: A Compromise for Survival

by Moreno Burattini, 82


Il Giornalino: The History and Stories of a Daring Children’s Magazine

by Piero Zanotto, 90

Il Giornalino's Paper Heroes

An Essential Dictionary of the Characters that Marked an Epoch

by Raffaella Ceragioli and Bruno Enna, 100

Il Messaggero Dei Ragazzi

The Golden Age of Il Messaggero: When a Priest Had the Word.

by Moreno Burattini, 108


Left-Wing Comics

Red Clouds

Italian Comics (And Not Only Comics) As Seen from the Left. A Story of Alliances and Suspicions

by Tito Faraci 124

Little Pravda

Twenty Years of Il Pioniere: The Ancestors, the Independent Life, the Supplement in L'Unità

by Luciano Tamagnini, 126

Vie Nuove

A Militant Weekly Magazine and its Alternative Relationship with Comics by Nino Cannata, 144


Going Against the Stream. Twenty Years After the Birth of Il Male, A Chronology of Satire in Cartoons by Tito Faraci, 147

(Red) Stars And Strips

The Comics of the American Left: A Forgotten Adventure by Alfredo Castelli, 148


The Popular Vision

Il Giorno

by Luigi F. Bona, 152

Il Giorno Dei Ragazzi

by Luigi F. Bona, 156

An Eagle in Space

Dan Dare, Il Giorno’s Great Hero of. His Origins, Adventures, and Editorial History by Luigi F. Bona, 172


Scandals In Strips

ABC, A Weekly Shout

First the Blurbs. Then the Spirit of Reiser. The History of a Popular and Restless Magazine in a Changing Country by Nino Cannata, 180

ABC, Scandals And Comic Strips

Comic Strips for Fun and Provocation. Great Characters and Beautiful Girls in a Very Irreverent Magazine by Nino Cannata, 182

Then Someone Decided It Was Time to Laugh

Popular Erotic Cartoons: The Trashy Side of Sexual Liberation by Nino Cannata, 192


A Collectors’ Guide

Looking for Lost Cartoons

Supplements, Inserts, Newspaper Sections.

Mysteries and Treasures of Yesterday's and Today’s Comic (P)ages, 196


Cartoomics '98

A Guide to the Cartoomics Exhibition '98, 243