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-David Kunzle: the History of Comic Strip!

 4 mar 2000

italiano.gif (203 byte) Dalla mailing list dedicata ai primi fumetti (Platinum Age Comics - vi segnaliamo questa preziosa comunicazione che consentirà, a chi di voi fosse interessato, di acquistare due preziosissimi volumi, scritti dal professor David Kunzle (nostro gradito ospite durante il convegno internazionale Fumettopolis 1998) che analizzano scientificamente, dal punto di vista della storia dell'arte, il fumetto dal 1450 fino alla fine del diciannovesimo secolo: un gioiello! Ovviamente in inglese.Il volumi sono da anni irreperibili e si possono ottenere solo nella forma di cui parla la mail che qui vi alleghiamo nella sezione in inglese, con la certezza di rendervi un utile servizio. Vi ricordiamo anche il sito di Andy Konkykru dedicato alle immagini dei proto-fumetti e con l'occasione abbiamo preparato per voi una breve selezione di immagini ospitata nel nostro sito: fate click qui per gustarvela!

inglese.gif (995 byte) From: Robert Beerbohm: IF YOU DO NOT YET HAVE BOTH VOLUMES, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE: Here is a post from Lionel English, who is the man responsible for gaining permission from the University of California educational system to make authorized quality reprints of the two Kunzle comics history books, which are referenced a lot on this list. I have one of Lionel's reprint jobs (Vol One, the harder one to score an original of) and they are of top notch quality and cannot recommend them enough.  A MUST for anybody contemplating a serious study of 1800s & before comics.  I cannot stress enough to score a copy of each, then you will see that the comics scholarship involved. Lionel processes data for the Grand Comics Database located at - a growing international group I also belong to dedicated to indexing every comic book scenerio every made in the entire world.  There is a little bit of people overlap between these two lists. The next best thing to get along with the above two is FORGING A NEW MEDIUM.
Subject:     GCD Chat - Kunzle reprints
From:        Lionel English,
I've gotten a few requests again recently (within the past couple of months) for the reprints of David Kunzle's Histories of the Early
Comics (pre-20th Century
. For the record, yes they're still available.
Volume 1:
The Early Comic Strip: Narrative Strips and Picture Stories in the European
Broadsheet from c.1450 to 1825
$38.00 + Shipping & Handling
Volume 2:
The History of the Comic Strip:  v.2. The Nineteenth Century
$32.00 + Shipping & Handling
Each volume consist of high quality photocopies of the original on 8.5" x 11" paper (about a 20% reduction from the original size if I remember correctly).  Prices for each volume include royalty payments back to the University of California Press (the original publisher and copyright holder).  For some reason they charge a higher royalty for V1 than V2, hence the difference in prices (V1 is slightly larger than V2 as well--480 pgs vs 414 pgs).  California residents add tax.

Interested parties should contact my office, Montezuma Publishing, (619) 594-7552 (that's the front desk, not my direct number) or
Lionel English                                         Aztec Shops Ltd
Montezuma Publishing                        San Diego State University
Systems Development &                          San Diego CA 92182-1701
Operations Manager                                      (619) 594-2955                              FAX (619) 594-2900
Robert Beerbohm Comic Art
PO Box 507 Fremont Nebraska 68026 (402) 727 4071
serving comics collectors since 1966
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I moderate a Platinum Age Comics Discussion Group at, then go OR discussing the origin of comic books & strips all roads seem to lead back to Rudolph Töpffer.

(And remember the web site of Andy Konkykru and our page Platinum Comics to see images of platinum age comics!)

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