-Poster: "Vanlaarhoven, Peter"

The 'Stripgidsdagen' have been around for 22 years.  It's the oldest comic
book festival in Belgium and it's still very alive & kicking. The
"Stripgidsdagen '99" comic book festival will be held in Turnhout, Belgium,
December 11 & 12, 1999, from 9 am to 6 pm.  Once again the heart of it all
will be cultural centre De Warande, in the centre of town.

(most of the expos will be open for public for a longer period; a couple of
weeks, or even months)

expo 1: "van bulletje tot wentelteefje" at De Warande
(Bulletje - by Georges Van Raemdonck  /  Wentelteefje - by Jeroen de Leyer)
is the main expo.  It takes you through the dutch comic book history by
means of the Dutch comic magazines: Sjors, Pep, De Vrije Balloen, Tante Leny
Presenteert, Eppo, Wordt Vervolgd, Sjors en Sjimmie Stripblad, Zone 5300, De
Bedenkelijk Kijkende Grondeekhoorn,...
Litterally hundreds of magazines as well as original artwork, photos &
videos will be shown.

expo 2: "erik meynen" at De Warande
laureate Bronzen Adhemar 1999.

expo 3: "missive devices" at De Warande
Missive Devices are postcardcomics: comics one can use as a postcard.
Published by Slab-O-Concrete (UK).  The expo presents Missives, artwork,
blow-ups,...  Peter Pavement, Mr.Slab himself, did put together the expo.

expo 4: "4 eyes" at De Warande
4 Eyes = 4 guys from Antwerp, Belgium.  The first issue of the "4 Eyes"
anthology was only published a couple of weeks ago by Bries (B).
"4 Eyes", Ray Man (Mark Horemans), Philip Paquet, Kapreles (Yves Albrechts)
and Gilliom (Werner Claessens), will be surprising a lot of visitors.

expo 5: "van mannekesblad tot strip" at the Taxandriamuseum
mannekesblad, kinderprenten =
Bilderbogen, Fliegend Blätter (in german)
imagerie populaire, feuilles volantes, images d'enfants (in french)
Kistbref (in swedish)
and I haven't got the faintest idea how they're called in english.
The expo focusses on these pictures that got published in Turnhout from
around 1800 until the 1920's.

expo 6: "vreemde blaadjes vol vieze plaates" at Café Ranonkel
"strange magazines filled with dirty pictures"
Local pub Ranonkel will celebrate it's 20th birthday in a couple of weeks.
Ranonkel has always been a place where counter-culture found a home.  They
will be adding a little spice to the main expo (number 1) by showing some
dirty pictures out of dutch comic magazines from the 60s and 70s. Magazines
from their own collection like Modern Papier, Inkt, De Gekleurde Omelet, and
lots of others.
expo 7: "cartoondebuut" at Coffee-house Cachet De Cire
Cartoons from the 'cartoondebuut' contest that was held earlier this year:
Dieter Bevers, Lenn Dauphin, Sam De Buysscher, Merlijk Draisma, Hannes
Goffin, Rienk Michielsen, Raf Podevijn & Tim Polfliet.

expo 8: "souvenirs" at Hotel Restaurant Terminus
For years, a lot of the visiting artists have been staying at the Hotel
Terminus.  Many of these artist left a souvenir, an original drawing, at the
hotel.  All these originals - an impressive collection - are permanently
displayed at the hotel.

In the meantime at De Warande

one big comic book shop where almost every available dutch comic book will
be for sale
a market place for second-hand comics, merchandising, games, ex-libris,
port-folio's, etceteras
plus a huge alternative section where an international selection of smaller
publishers, distributors and artists will make their material available:
Bries (B), Slab-O-Concrete (UK), 4 Eyes (B), Beeldstorm (B), Brabant Strip
(B), Bill (B), Zone 5300 (NL), La Chose (F), Le Journal de Judith et
Moorinette (F), Kollektiv (B), Incognito (NL), Lamelos (NL), Zozolala (NL),
Stripschrift (NL), RdH (NL), Het Hergé Genootschap (NL), La Cafetière

signing sessions:
we're expecting
Erik Meynen, Marc Sleen, Mythic & Jigounov, Dirk Stallaert, Jean-Pol, Hec
Leemans, Ferry, Dick Matena, Karel Biddeloo, Johan De Moor, Marcel Ruijters,
Jan Op de Beeck, Steven Dupré, Kim, Martin Lodewijk, René Windig, the entire
Beeldstorm collective, Ole Comoll Christensen, Ray Man, Gilliom, Kapreles,
Philip Paquet, Sven van der Hart, Patrick van Oppen, Willem Verburg, Benno
Vranken, Mario Boon, Jeroen Janssen, Mieke Lamiroy & other people from the
Bill collective, Zookie, the Lamelos group, Steven de Rie, Mark Hendriks,
Maaike Hartjes, Matthias Lehmann, Nix, David Vandermeulen and lots of

saturday evening, the Bronzen Adhemar award will go to Erik Meynen.
* Adhemar is a comic book figure from 'Nero' created by Marc Sleen.
The Bronzen Adhemar award is a little statue.  There is no money involved -
it's an honour thing.
* previous laureates:
* 1977: Hec Leemans & Daniël Jansens
* 1978: Kamagurka
* 1979: Karel Biddeloo
* 1981: Jean-Pol
* 1983: Merho
* 1985: Berck
* 1987: Erika Raven
* 1989: Johan De Moor
* 1991: Jan Bosschaert
* 1993: Eric Joris
* 1995: Dirk Stallaert
* 1997: Ferry
* publications
* The Bronzen Adhemar Stichting wasn't convinced that all this was
enough, and so we published three new issues of Stripgids.
* n°34: Erik Meynen, Bronzen Adhemar Laureaat 1999
* n°35: De geschiedenis van de strip in Nederland
* (comic book history in the netherlands, this goes with the
* n°36: Imago by Willem Verburg (a comic book)
* www
* the Bronzen Adhemar Stichting is also present on the web.
* http://www.surf-inn.be/stripturnhout
* The site gives info & even a bit more: the Bronze Museum - our
digital museum for graphic art - proudly presents its first expos:
* Formaline (1995 project)
* Mail Art Project: comics books - comic book characters
 / medium: artistamps

this mail art project is ongoing - so it isn't too late to send in your
contribution!! (I'm expecting it)

the post office will also be present at the convention with some special
stamps (as in rubber stamps, not postage stamps) / cancellations.

and there's also an educational thing for schools, there's a stripatelier, a
special show for kids, a scenario-contest, and probably lots and lots of
people - the latest edition did have an estimated 20.000 visitors.

peter van laarhoven - bronzen adhemar stichting